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If you’d like to join a regular writing class you can sign up here to join my Monday evening group at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (Northbrook) in Worthing.

Courses coming up

CL0200-1C Creative Writing – Don’t Lose the Plot start date 16/09/19
CL0201-1C Creative Writing – How Much is Too Much start date 13/01/20
CL0168-1C Creative Writing – Inspired by Favourite Writers start date 20/04/20


However, if you can’t get to that but want feedback on your novel as you write it, my online novel-writing programme could be the answer. You may only have the spark of an idea, or be half-way through your first draft – whatever stage you’re at, the programme will be designed to suit.

• Write a synopsis – know where your story is going
• Regular submission deadlines to keep you writing
• Monthly feedback and progress reports
• Set your own wordcount target and get feedback on up to 5,000 words a month
• Reading recommendations, to engage and inspire your own writing
• Help with editing
• Optional Skype tuition sessions*, available 10am to 9pm (10am to 5pm at weekends and bank holidays)
• You can continue with the programme for as long as you want, including taking breaks, with the option of a full manuscript appraisal* at any time.

£350 for six months/sessions, or £600 for twelve.

  • incurs an additional fee.