Sarah Palmer Writing and Editorial


Ghost writing
A ghost writer takes someone else's thoughts, ideas or experiences and turns them into a manuscript, but the copyright and authorship remain with the originator. This works equally well with fiction and non-fiction, and with work of any length.

Synopsis writing
Some people find writing a one or two page synopsis even more difficult than completing a 90,000 word manuscript. A professional synopsis writer will take only the most salient plot points and hone them into a synopsis for submission to agents and publishers.

Those few paragraphs on a book’s back cover, or on a website, can make all the difference between a sale and a non-sale.

Press releases
A good press release `sells’ the book to targeted magazines, newspapers and websites. Usually they accompany copies of the book, in the hope of gaining a review, but press releases can also be used to present details about an author with the aim of getting an interview or other publicity.